Sportsmens safaris familySportsmen’s Safaris & Tours Limited, was incepted on 30th May 1990 in Nairobi, Kenya by Mr and Mrs Henry Macharia. This venture was mainly inspired by Henry’s wealthy and strong background in tourism having been a renowned conservationist with the Kenya Wildlife Services from 1974 through to 1980. After this experience Henry took yet another challenge to Manage and Market some of the leading Tour Operators in Kenya before inaugurating Sportsmen’s Safaris.

To date Henry is an active member of the Tourism governing body here in Kenya under whose umbrella all Tour Operators in Kenya fall - The Kenya Association of Tour Operators (KATO).

Since then their objective has been to provide the holiday makers, International Golfers; International Sportsmen and women and International Farmers (agro-tourists) with top quality tours & and a rewarding experience into Africa. From such humble beginnings, Sportsmen’s Safaris., has since become an integral partner with International Federation of Farmers (worldwide) opening up a new chapter into Kenya’s Tourism Industry - Agro-Tourism. This new concept has grown and made Sportsmen’s Safaris the leading Tour Operator in this field todate.

Sportsmen’s Safaris is wholly participatory in the Eco-Tourism drive having sponsored exchange programs and continue to do so in the Agro- Industry by way of co-ordinating such programs with the international farmers to enhance agricultural productivity at the community level. All these activities has seen Sportsmen’s Safaris grow to a reputable organization hosting over 200000 guests from all parts of the world into Africa and continues to offer these services to the global village.

We as Sportsmen’s Safaris Family aspire to become the leading Tour Operator here in Kenya and East African region and to this we focus on spreading our operations into Tanzania, Zanzibar, Uganda and Ethiopia in the near future as we continue to conduct Safaris in all these regions. We are also geared towards achieving ISO Standards in the near future. We are thus working towards the integration of global partners especially within the EU where we require a greater representation.

The  company  is continuously looking for opportunities to extend, but ensures that growth will not be at the expense of the quality.

The rare level of success is attributed in part to the exceptional entrepreneurial skills of Our Team which is a self-confident, creative innovator with a high level of commitment and focus to the Sportsmens Safaris business. Other factors contributing to success have been:

1) A carefully selected winning team that leads to a lot of repeat safari customers and safaris due to satisfied customer recommendations,
2) Mr Henry Macharia has knowledge of the needs of the safari human resources within his employ.
3) We work together with our staff as a team, paying particular attention to detail.
4) Our services are personalized and ensure our clients have the best and most exciting safaris.
5) We uphold the spirit of comradeship to all players in the Tourism industry.


The Goals of Sportsmens Safaris & Tours Limited. is to develop a strong and reliable tour company that will operate in the entire region of the East African Region. Sportsmens Safaris seeks to provide first-rate flexible service to its clients and to promote the image of Kenya as an unequalled  tourist  destination  in  the  world.  Opportunities  for  extending  will  not  be avoided but the company will ensure that quality of the service remains number one.